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24th June 19

The Great Get Together

Please click the following link to get more information on The Great Get Together

Knife Free Lesson Plans

Please click to see information regarding knife free lesson plans.

Final Guidance RSE

Please click the link to see the Final Guidance RSE.

British Red Cross Newsthink

Click here for the British Red Cross newsletter 16/05/2019.


Click the link for online safety resources from THINKUKNOW.

Top Employers to help all primary schools offer careers education to pupils

Education Secretary Damian Hinds announces work with leading employers to help all primary schools offer top careers education

Warning against using Breck's Last Game

A film has been launched for use in schools and the PSHE curriculum called ‘Breck’s Last Game’. The PSHE Association have significant concerns about the educational effectiveness of this film and its likely impact on young people, and warn schools against using it.


Click here for the latest practical advice and information on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation - from educate.against.hate.

MediaSmart - How much smartphone use is too much?

Click the link for some top tips from parents for having a healthier relationship with your smartphone.

PSHE Association

Click the link for up to date newsletters and information from the PSHE Association

PSHE Association - The Sleep factor.

Children and young people’s sleep is an increasingly important issue. Poor quality and insufficient sleep can be both the cause and effect of wider health problems. Click the link for new KS2, 3 & 4 lesson plans.

Uk Safer Internet Centre Newsletter April 2019

Click here to view the latest information from UKSIC

Virgin Care Young People and Families Service

You will be aware that Virgin Care is now working in partnership with Lancashire County Council and will be taking on responsibility for providing Health Visiting and School Nursing services on behalf of the Council from 1st April 2019.

The Digital Healthy Schools Programme

Introducing your FREE Digital Healthy Schools Package, an exciting new initiative commissioned by Lancashire County Council in partnership with ORCHA, to empower young people to embrace and responsibly use apps to support their own health and well-being.