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10th May 21

Every Mind Matters - Mental Health Awareness Week

Please click the link for NHS resources to support Mental Health Awareness Week

UKSIC Insider Newsletter April 2021

Please click the link to view the April 2021 edition of the UKSIC Insider Newsletter

Young Money Financial Education Newsletter Summer 2021

Please click the link to read the Young Money Financial Education Newsletter Summer 2021 Edition

Stress Awareness Week April 2021

Please see link for resources to Stress Awareness Week.

Keeping Our Teeth Healthy Lesson Plan

Please click the link for more information on the 'Keeping Our Teeth Healthy' Lesson Plan now available from PHE

Sustrans re-launches educational activities for children

Please click the link to be redirected to the Sustrans website for more information

Change 4 Life NEW Our Healthy Year Calendars

Please click the link for further information and links to download the NEW Our Healthy Year Calendars from Change 4 Life

NAHT Advice and Support - Coronavirus - Supporting Pupils Mental Health and Wellbeing

Please click the link to be redirected to the NAHT Website

NAHT Policy Update: The Equality Act and Relationships Education in primary school

Please see the attached file for more information regarding the equality act and relationships education in primary school.

Betty Education Schools Membership Program

Please click on links below for news and membership offer.

Mental Wellbeing Support for Students

Please see links attached for mental wellbeing support for students.

Top Tips for Teaching in a New Environment.

See links attached for tips on teaching in a new environment.

PSHE Association Coronavirus Hub

Please click the link to view the PSHE Association Coronavirus HUB

Lancashire Future U

Please click to be sent to the Lancashire Future U Website

Period Product Scheme

Please click the link for information regarding: "Period product scheme for schools and colleges in England."

Red Cross Teaching Resources

Please click the link for inspiring and engaging ideas to bring Red Cross teaching resources into your primary school lessons

PSHE Association

Click the link for up to date newsletters and information from the PSHE Association

Big Pedal Challenge

Families invited to take part in UK’s biggest active travel school challenge

Big Pedal is back for 2021. Our long-running competition to get more people travelling actively to school has been changed so that children learning at home can take part.
Find out more about this year's Big Pedal challenge